Mission accomplished!

Took some photos, did something for my stamina (photo tour by bike), took a dive in the river (with camera) – That’s the summary of yesterday’s photo trip! It has been quiet a busy day but I’m pleased with the results:

derelic #1
derelic #2

So this is the old cistern of the railroad (according to my grandfather). It’s situated on the western top of the hill „Spitzberg“ in Attnang and as you can see, graffiti artists & not-so-artistic sprayers added some color to the gray concrete. Due to its isolated location the place in front of the cistern is a popular place for teens to hang out, have small parties or hide while skipping school.

The next photos show a small affluent of the river „Ager“ and the flotsam crane of the small embankment dam …

out of order
a silent place

That’s it for today! Stay tuned and eventually leave a comment! 🙂

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