Bock Ma’s 2010

The beneficial festival „Bock Ma’s“ (named after Austria’s good soul & charity lady Ute Bock) in Timelkam started this year into the final round. Of course I was there to photograph most of the festival and its freaky, colourful and unique atmosphere & visitors. There were a whole load of international and local bands, many alternative projects like the anarchia mailorder, anti-sexism campaigns or fresh vegan food, etc.

All in all, a very diverse festival!

Ok, here are 4 photos for you to enjoy!

Viva l’Anarchia!

The first thing you want to do as an anarchist @ Bock Ma’s: Hoist the colours!

march of the tartans

One great part of this festival’s atmosphere are the spontaneous actions of some visitors. You’re part of a bagpipe-army? Gather your pals and start a little spontaneous concert …

kilt concert

… wander around on the camping area and finally stop in front of the Bosna (hot-dog bun, sausages, curry and tons of mustard & onions) stand.

German journeyman

@ Bock Ma’s, you could find ANYTHING and ANYBODY: Punks, Skinheads (no Nazis!), Hippies, „normal people“, Raver,  Indie-Fans and even a German journeyman!

For those about to BOCK – we salute you

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more photos!

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