Girls …

give ‚em nail polish and a tooth pick and they’ll be occupied for at least an hour! So here are some results of about 5 hours of excessive nail polishing and photographing …

thinking … ?

Exposure time 1/60s
Aperture f 5.6
ISO speed ISO 400

Here you can see the great „fingernail art“. To be honest: I had to post-process this image because I used my yellow bouncer and the result didn’t look that great. And of course I did not re-shoot the scene with a white bouncer -.-

Anyway, Kathi looks great. The colors turned out quiet naturally and all in all I am satisfied with the photo!

Let’s continue with a close-up of these good looking nail polish art …

this stuff feels funny

Exposure time 1/80s
Aperture f 5.6
ISO speed ISO 400

There’s not much to say. White nail polish + bored Kathi + bored Lisa + red/pink nail polish + bored me = this photo!

Now there’s just one thing left to do: saying good-bye. So here we go …
Stay tuned and here are Kathi’s farewell greetings:


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