The Boss is back!

„I want all you skinheads to get up on your feet. Put your braces together and your boots on your feet … And gimme some of that oooooold Moon Stompin‘!“ said Roy Ellis (a.k.a. Mr. Symarip) and the crowd in Vienna’s Ost-Klub went ape shit (in a very positive way)!

What a line-up! Three premium class Ska/Reggae/Rocksteady bands and the last remaining king of Skinhead Reggae himself – subcultural heart, what else do you need? As a special bonus, I got an official permission to shoot the show and was put on the guest list. A BIIIIG thank you to the organiser of the concert and the venue manager!

Here are the best photos of that night, shot with my new Nikon D7000 and the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 … Sadly, I didn’t see that this lens isn’t very sharp at f/1.4 … I should have stopped it down to f/2.8. Well … you live and learn 😀

Anyway, enjoy! (Click the band names! They are links 😉 )

(Soulful Reggae + Ska)

(Early Reggae)

Mr. Symarip (supported by The Ratazanas)
(Skinhead Reggae)


Well … that’s it! Thanks for reading, thanks to the bands for this amazing performance and thanks to organiser and venue manager for letting me in with my cam 😉

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