Dunkler als die Nacht

(„Darker than the night“) was one of the few Black & Death Metal concerts in this region, happening @ Culture Club, Pichlwang. Black Metal … that equals horrible stage lighting (for photographers), corpse paint, fast guitar riffs and lots of hairy headbanging dudes in front of the stage. Not the best circumstances for photography but it sure was fun for me and my 50mm glass (and of course the other folks on and in front of the stage)! 😉

The only downside: I always had to keep the ISO between 400 and 800, sometimes even push it up to 1,600 …

Anyway, enjoy!

(Black Metal)

(Death Metal)

and as a final great shot to end this post: Heissi, everyone’s favourite roadie:

Thanks for clicking through, tell your friends and – as always – Stay Tuned!

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