Tea time!

As you might have realized I have been to a live concert a few days ago. These concerts to me mean a whole bunch of sweating due to pogo dancing/moshing. And this means I usually stand around in my sweaty t-shirt in the cold night air. And as you can imagine: This means getting a cold!

And therefore I’m sitting around at home with my tea mug and a huge pot of tea 🙂 Teekanne’s „1001 Nights“ tea. It has the interesting aroma of vanilla, oranges, cinnamon and a few other „oriental“ spices.

Anyway, long story short: I made some pics!

Exposure time 1/15s
Aperture f 4
ISO speed ISO 400
Focal length 105 mm

Exposure time 1/8s
Aperture f 4
ISO speed ISO 400
Focal length 120 mm

Thanks for reading this mini-post, the next one will be longer again 🙂 So stay tuned!

PS: Those are the first two pictures that were resized and watermarked using ACDSee’s  „Batch Edit…“. Why didn’t I discover it earlier?? THIS IS GREAT!

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